Using Art as an Engine for Community Involvement and Social Change

Linkages to Learning

A Nonprofit Program in Action

Staff artist Sara Foraker shows women from Linkages to Learning how to create jewelry.

The Linkages to Learning program works to empower youg girls in the Montgomery County, Maryland public school system. This nonprofit organization approached The Gary Rosenthal Collection and asked if we could work with the mothers of Linkages children to create fused-glass jewelry that could be sold at a special Mother's Day Empowerment Tea/Silent Auction.

Five mothers worked with the artists at The Gary Rosenthal Collection studio over several weeks and created hundreds of pins and earrings with the Linkages logo. At the Tea/Silent Auction, the motehrs set up a display and sold over $2,000 worth of their creations. The Gary Rosenthal Collection paid the women for their work, and the profit from sales was used to fund a mother's retreat sponsored by Linkages to Learning.

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