Using Art as an Engine for Community Involvement and Social Change

Work with Us!


  1. Major events can be held under the personal direction of Gary Rosenthal, or for smaller activities, do-it-yourself kits are available. We have worked with many thousands of people around the country. Participants create mosaics with polished glass pieces, which are safe for children 6 years and older. The only material we don't provide is white glue.
  2. Once the glass sheets are made, your local chapter wraps them up with plastic wrap and boxes them to ship to The Gary Rosenthal Collection. At the workshop, we fire the glass, cut it into pieces, and assemble it into holiday ornaments, jewelry, or bookmarks, as agreed.


  3. We ship back the finished pieces, which can be sold by your national organization to the board and local chapters as fundraisers. We might also sell the work through our retailers network, or over the Art as a Catalyst web site. Our organization will provide substantial marketing support, from press releases to color catalogue sheets, at both the local and national levels. We will try to create stories, like the Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health Governor's Ornament project, that lead to national media attention and even more sales.

    Revenue Sharing

  4. Your organization can purchase the finished product at normal wholesale price (50% off suggested retail) and keep the proceeds from your sales.
  5. Sales generated through Art as a Catalyst store distribution and internet sales will pay 10% as a royalty.
  6. Sponsorship fees from corporations will be used to cover expenses, with any extra funds going directly to your organization.