Using Art as an Engine for Community Involvement and Social Change

The Gary Rosenthal Collection Foundation

Bringing Art to the Community

The Gary Rosenthal Collection Foundation is funded through sales of items created by the Art as a Catalyst program, and supports arts enrichment activities for the children of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The Foundation also provides grants to nonprofits for arts programming, in which children create a product or performance for presentation to local seniors.

The purpose of our grants is not only to create arts enrichment activities for children, but also to foster art-based community building intergenerational contacts between children and seniors. Close to $100,000 in grants and in-kind giving has been awarded to nonprofits as varied as the Theatre Lab, the Higher Achievement Program, and the Montgomery County Housing Opportunity Commission, who performed, in turn, a magic show, a dance, and a community mosaic program.

The Gary Rosenthal Collection Foundation is a designated fund operating within the National Capital Area Community Foundation. It was started in winter of 2002 as the 501(c)3 designated fund for The Gary Rosenthal Collection's Art as a Catalyst program.